It’s been a long HOT summer and it’s not over yet.

My summer has been expectionally sexy and stimulating in all the right ways. The most recent exploit was over the past weekend when I and a very sexy friend attended the Mid-Atlantic Trans*perience in New Hope, Pa..

I’ve never seen so many sexily dressed boys dressed as girls in one place at one time. The heels, the hair, their sweet and naughty natures shining through as they mingled under the watchful lights of the night sky accessorized by a perfect crescent moon.

My friend Miss Lucy and I arrived dressed to the nines with our hair and make-up perfectly in place, our long legs toned and tan, our bodies encased in the tightest fitting, curve revealing dresses in our closets. We were truly a head turning duo if there ever was one. No man, woman or anyone else for that matter could over look the sexiness we exuded. Men were buckling at the knees when we exited her fiery red hot corvette and it wasn’t the car that made them drool. Women looked on in admiration and some with a hint of jealousy in their eyes. The sizzling energy between us was so hot it made even the staunchest types stare in awe. They would be easily converted to join us on the kinky side of the street.

And that is exactly what I get off on the most. Being free and uninhibited to show not only my support to those striving for their own expression of self but being free to go out and explore the delights of my kinky nature and the pursuit of happiness and sexuality. Which to me is an all important part of what makes us happy and sends pulses of hot blood and energy coursing through my veins and makes me tingle and exdude joy everyday.


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