A Thrilling Afternoon For Jake

Jake had the pleasure of seeing Me this afternoon for a medical exam and enema. He is also quite the fetishist for nylons and vintage lingerie, particularly girdles and corsets.

With that in mind I decided to give him the thrill of seeing Me in beautiful silky nude nylons, a form fitting off-white vintage girdle with satin and lace paneling. Topping with a delicate form fitting red with white polka dot top that showed off my enticing cleavage.

The second he entered my chambers he was ordered to disrobe and there he stood naked before Me. His arousal made me laugh and that caused his cheeks to flush red, he lowered his head in embarrassment. I led him to my exam table where I had laid out the implements I intended to use on him. There were the latex exam gloves, the enema bags, a tube of lube, a small but powerful vibrator then he noticed the  stirrups in which he would be put in. As I prepared to give him a full examination, including a cavity search and prostate check up he stood immobilized,  awestruck by my beauty and what was about to happen to him.

He was ordered to lay on his back, his feet placed in the stirrups and locked into position, with the flick of  a switch his legs were lifted into the air. I had full access to every intimate part of his  anatomy. His exam went well and everything checked out but his enema could not be avoided. He may even have to endure two. After all, Jake was a very bad boy, he had neglected his exercise routine and diet and has been thinking many impure thoughts. What better way to put this dirty, naughty man in his place then to quite literally flush him clean?

As enema tip was inserted his arousal became more visible. He asked for permission to speak and was granted to. He told me how ever since he was a very young man in school he fantasized about his sexy teachers and hot school nurse and how back in those days the ladies wore girdles with garters under their skirts. If you were lucky enough you might just catch a peek of the tops of their nylons and the sexy slit of bare skin between the two garments. He confessed how he would often act up in class just to get the teachers attention and be kept after school or sent to the nurses office. Sometimes the school nurse would administer an enema if he belly ached to his teacher that there was too much homework or other boyish noisy.  Now he’s all grown up but still craves being put in his place and under the hand of a beautiful woman that has complete control over his body and mind. The first enema went in like a charm, I ordered him to retain it as I began to gently tease his helpless, hard member. Through my transparent latex gloves he could see my long red nails grazing his skin and my long, slender fingers weaving pleasureful sensations through his body till they reached his lips and he let out a most ecstatic moan. He repeatedly moaned to Me how good it felt, I decided to put a cap on his pleasure and postpone the rush of release. He had to endure more before I was finished with him. He was sent to the lavatory to take care of his retained enema and clean up for the next one. Now I had something more intense in store for Jake; this time he would have to impress Me and retain more fluids. I intentionally filled his enema bag to full capacity and adjusted the pressure to release the warm water slowly all the while I teased his member with the vibrator set on full strength intermittently with gentle strokes by my latex gloved hand, he could feel my nails through it and it made his toes curl. As the enema began to fill him he confided that he had never had a better one, that his prostate was pulsating with pleasure as was the more visible part of him. As I teased him and gave a knowing smile he begged for Me to allow him to touch himself. Permission was not granted. Instead I simply leaned over him, stared into his eyes; his gaze full of pleasure mixed with helplessness and gave him the most gentle caress with one hand and ended his long awaited release. And in the end just like the young man he once was, fantasizing about the school nurse, it took only one stroke from a very powerful and beautiful woman. One unforgettable lesson he’s sure to cherish the memory of.

Till next time.




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