Month: March 2015

The Week Flew By….

Starting with my tied and teased lunch date. Sub was taken back to my private location and stripped down to his rope tied cock. After I changed into a stunning latex dress, thigh-high stockings and stilettos to drool over, he dropped to his knees and bowed his head in humility. If only he was worthy of pleasing his Mistress on his own terms. No chance of that my pet, you are too inferior to have a chance to service a Goddess. Now “get to work” I commanded. He knew his place was worshipping my legs and feet. His erection grew harder and pinched against the ropes that bound him at the thought of having to polish my latex dress. It clings so tight against my body, showing off every fine curve of my feminine form oh so perfectly. Wouldn’t he just love to worship EVERY inch? Instead he’ll be worshipping whatever I command him to. Nothing is too taboo for this sub. Willing to anything his Mistress commands is what he’s trained for.

What happened to the sub will be left to your imagination for now. Think on it and if you have any ideas I’d be delighted to hear them and just maybe play them out on you.

Please note:

Having my way with men has never been a problem for me. Being beautiful, mysterious, intelligent, creative and so many more wonderful things that I am makes Me quite the package. So watch out you may get what you wish for…

Me topping you. (with a smile of course)